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The Company

Sound Reactive Light Installation by Andrea Cuius and Roland Ellis. NYC, October 2011.

8.4m(w) x 8m(h) x 2.4m(d)

Tungsten Lamps, custom control.

The Company, a machine in a space producing light.

A suspended surface of tungsten lamps form a catenary arch, playing host to live performance. Each lamp is digitally addressable, allowing animations to be actuated by the live audio.

Adaptation of the audio in light, reintroduces process to the space. Between performances, The Company awakens the 19th century dock architecture, illuminating to a sound of an industrial soundscape.

Commissioned by NBNY for Bring to Light NYC 2011.

Performances from :

VolumeBryce HackfordShelley BurgonZach LaytonFriend RouletteSky White TigerChris ChuTimo EllisMark Borthwick and Pilottone.

Curated by NBNY.

© Nick Wolf

Bryce Hackford

The architectural and industrial legacy of the place lives on in these lights, and looking up, some words of Hamlet´s spring to mind: "This brave o´er-hanging, this majestical roof, fretted with golden fire"

..But these man-made fires move with the whispers of the past and the present, showing us how places, and people, change.

Tom Nancollas

© Victoria Monjo

  Link to Festival Location in Greenpoint, NYC

Industrial soundscape recordings were taken in NYC at American Steel and also in London, at the Hackney railway arch workshops.

© Roland Ellis

  American Steel, production wastage.

© Roland Ellis

  American Steel brake press

Thanks to :


Jeff Grantz 

Henrik Ekeus 

Performers and all the festival helpers.

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